I want to get a chip card

1. Who can enjoy the benefits of the card:

  • Professionals who work in the hairdressing or beauty sectors.
  • Students of Grupo Nebro.

2. How to apply for the card:  

You can apply for the card in every point of sale of Grupo Nebro. To receive your card, just fill in a simple request form and send it to
3. Advantages for the owner:

3.1. Special and exclusive prices.
3.2. You will obtain points on any purchase* over 60 €, with them you could get gifts of our online catalogue. 
3.3. The owner will enjoy special offers, discounts, bonus or gifts.

*The purchase does not include accessories or furniture

4. Card characteristics:

4.1. The card is free and it will be activated after the first purchase.
4.2. The card will be deactivated if the owner does not buy anything for 3 months. In this case, the owner will lose the points if they are not exchanged.
4.3. If you lose the card, you can get a new one for 3 €.
4.4. The card is personal and non-transferable. If other person would like to use it, the owner must authorize it.

5. How to exchange the points:

You will get points automatically after any purchase over 60 €. The owner of the card can consult on Internet the points as well as the gifts catalogue. The owner can also place an order and block or erase the points by email.