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DESCRIPTION: This course is aimed at:

  • Professionals who want to improve their skills thanks to the modern system of Pivot Point
  • People who have finished the course “Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Hairdressing” and who want to consolidate their basis
  • Salaried assistants
  • Professionals who want to improve their knowledge
  • Postgraduates or family of professionals who look for confidence and discipline

TAUGHT BY: María José Jiménez, art director of Grupo Nebro.


  • First month:
  1. Fashionable haircuts: trends and concepts
  2. Fashionable haircuts: men’s cutting and styles
  3. Hairstyles: hair volume and design
  4. Hairstyles: steps and finish
  • Second month:
  1. Men’s cutting: techniques and finish
  2. Hair up styles: hair volume and shapes
  3. Hair up styles: techniques
  4. Fashionable haircuts: styles
  • Third month:
  1. Colour: basic knowledge
  2. Colour: development and application
  3. Soft perm techniques
  4. Men: fashionable trends
  • Fourth month:
  1. Hair up styles: plaits, twists, knots
  2. Men: hair prosthetics, men’s styles
  3. Hair up styles: hairpieces and basic methods
  4. Fashionable haircuts: working with razors, scissors, safety razors
  • Fifth month:
  1. Hair straighteners and curling tongs: hairstyles
  2. Hair extensions: how to apply different types of hair extensions
  3. Hair washing and cosmetics: how to use hair oils, keratin, botox
  4. Client consultation
  • Sixth month:
  1. Fashionable haircuts: haircuts and colouring. Fashionable finish
  2. Men: colouring techniques
  3. Hair up styles: hair up styles for brides,  parties, maids of honour
  4. Make-up: techniques, eyebrows


EQUIPMENT: Multi-Use Head Form Pivot Point

PREREQUISITE: The people who want to apply for this course must have carried out the course 'Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Hairdressing'

DURATION: From 1 to 6 months

DATES: At the request of the interested party

LOCATION: Alonso de Palencia, 20. 29007 Malaga

CONTACT INFO: T +34 952 070 507

CERTIFICATIONS: Diploma Grupo Nebro, academy with more than 50 years devoted to beauty and hairdressing.

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